WordPress is the most hacked CMS

WordPress is probably by far the most popular CMS and if one believes the figures of w3techs from November 2016, currently 27.1 percent of all websites are operated worldwide with WordPress. The popularity and distribution of the CMS continues to grow day by day. But where there is light, shadow follows and so WordPress is now ranked the most hacked CMS by Sucuri on place 1.

Above all, security holes in the update mechanism of WordPress offers hackers the possibility to penetrate the system and use it for themselves. There were 8000 infected websites which were under the microscope and 5874 of them ran on the basis of WordPress. This does not mean, however, that WordPress is particularly uncertain, but the number is rather to be explained with the great spread. As is often the case, the security problem does not always lie with the software, but rather with those who use it.

If updates are only made sporadic or even not implemented at all, unsafe plugins are installed and no further security measures are implemented, it is of course easy for hackers to use the installation for their purposes. For the most part, malware is spread over it or SEO spam. But with little work this can be avoided. Instructions for this are available on the Internet.

In addition to WordPress, other systems are also targeted by hackers. Joomla is also found in the ranking as well as the shop software Magento.