Latest Bitkom study about online dating

Finding the great love or even a sex date on the Internet? 15 or 20 years ago this was a rather strange idea for many people. After all, in the dating platforms on the Internet, only the freaks are drifting around and, of course, those who do not get anything else – so they thought or told others. Fortunately,those times are over and now the online dating is quite normal and according to a recent Bitkom study even every second an Internet user is convinced that one can find the great love on the Internet.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the digital association Bitkom published a new study about online dating. Particularly interesting in the results of the survey was that especially paid offers are popular with the users. If it’s about getting to know the partner for life, then it’s a good idea. Whether the topic of sex dating is also so, it is not clear from the study. However, one can also assume here that paid offers do not pose a problem – which we see every month by month on our statistics.

In general, however, it is apparently not likely to admit that erotic dating is also used online. In search of a strong partner or the great love, according to their own data the student was 89 percent. However, only 7 percent indicated to keep an eye out for erotic contacts. This seems to us a little less, the “dark digit” should be much higher.

However, we can confirm the main usage times of dating offers. According to the survey, most people (80 percent) spend the evening looking for partners, 7 percent are nocturnal, and only 2 percent go online in the morning or 4 percent at lunch time to log on to dating offers. This is not quite exactly the same as our experience, but it is still quite close.

All in all, online dating is now nothing special anymore and just for singles it is quite normal to go on the internet. Whether big love or affair, is only once irrelevant, because the one does not exclude the other!