Date: March 6, 2017

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See you in Sitges

The start for the European shows will be on this weekend, because the European Summit is back in Sitges and under the Spanish sun we are looking forward to great panels, parties, talks and much more to the participants. For us this date has been a must for years and

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Wrong hreflang tag can cost traffic

More and more webmasters and networks are active on an international level and imaXcash also offers dating products for over 20 countries around the world. If you use this diversity as a webmaster and also generate traffic via Google, you will get in touch with hreflang tags sooner or later. With this

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New Promo Tool: PopUps

On the subject of PopUps the opinions vary. Some users think they convert properly, the others find it so annoying resulting in them not being used. Whether you like PopUps or not, we cannot influence you to. If you like them, we have good news for you: With imaXcash you can now

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Learn HTML and CSS for free

Even if there are countless good web developers out there, it is never wrong, if you can do some things in HTML and CSS by yourself. Whether it is to make adjustments or to complete something quickly but to book a course and probably still pay a lot of money

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MILF dating has many fans

While some may seem young and sexy, others have recognized the benefits of more mature women who know exactly what they want; and especially the latter seem to become more and more enticing based on the evaluation of our statistics. Last year in the late summer we introduced MILFSuche a

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