New Promo Tool: PopUps

On the subject of PopUps the opinions vary. Some users think they convert properly, the others find it so annoying resulting in them not being used. Whether you like PopUps or not, we cannot influence you to. If you like them, we have good news for you: With imaXcash you can now create PopUps with just a few clicks.

Instead of working for a long time in a graphic program, or even commissioning a freelancer, log in to imaXcash and select the new point PopUp in the menu under “Offers”. With a further click you are directly in the creation of the PopUps, you can give them a name and then select what the PopUp ultimately should display. You can either select a specific offer or choose several offers from the categories, which are then used alternately.

If you have selected your content for PopUp, you will be given the code, which you can then easily use for your website. Of course, you can also create different PopUps and come back later to it. PopUps you are not currently using, can simply set to inactive and reactivate whenever you want!