The best Google Eastereggs

Easter is on the doorstep – you can go back, relax a bit and have fun. This is also possible with Google, because in the web search are some Eastereggs, which are worth exploring. So just take a break and try it yourself!

Playing in the Google Search? Sure, why not! Google has hidden a few real classics that you can easily activate. But be careful: the games are addictive! You got it under control? Okay, just enter “Solitaire” or “Tic Tac Toe” into the search field – then you only need one click and you can start the game. This also works with mobile devices!

Another game classic is Breakout – and you can play it right at Google. This time, however, you have to switch to the picture search if you want to start the game and enter in the search field “atari breakout”. Have fun playing!

Not really a game, but a tribute to a game is the Super Mario Bros Easteregg. If you search for “Super Mario Bros”, you can see the famous question mark and if you click on it, there flies a coin and you get points. If you repeat about 50 times, you can hear a well-known melody from the game.

No time for games? Then simply change the view of the search. It is all about the search results with you? Then make sure the search results turn with enter “Do a Barrel Roll”. It is also fun, if you enter the search term “Zerg Rush” into the search field – then the results are formally eaten. And if all this is too little action, then search for “blink html” and look forward to the flashing, that after a short time everyone is on the nerves 🙂

We wish you a lot of fun with the Eastereggs!