Will the Google adblocker come?

In the last week we reported in the blog of a new ad blocker, who does his work much better than the previously known. This was not exactly good news. Now there are rumors, however, which could have a lot more impact on businesses on the Internet: Has Google plan for a Chrome integrated Adblocker?

The Chrome browser is one of the most used on the Internet and has thus already a certain power. If Google decides to implement an adblocker in it and maybe activate it by default, this is likely to cause problems. For Google, this step would of course be a good thing, because they could quickly get out of the way other providers of adblocks and represent their own interests even better.

Advertisements Google chooses to let go and which ones are blocked, may be made dependent on their own evaluation of websites. For example, Google is already controlling the web search, which means that pages with pop-ups, which are largely pushed over the content, are negatively evaluated. Such sites could then be rated as “bad” by Google right from the outset – their advertisements would immediately be on the blacklist which works a website very well, uses advertising ads according to Google’s wishes and has in addition still good content, it could provide for a whitelisting. How it looks when the content is in the area of adult entertainment can be difficult to estimate.

All in all, Google has not yet confirmed that an adblocker is to be introduced, but such a tool has long been a topic and is currently under discussion. If the discussion is made to introduce adblocker the implementation could be possible within a few weeks. It remains to be seen, who then counts to the winners and losers.