What is the purpose of SEO?

It is no secret that more than 200 factors decide on ranking in search engines. Also, anyone who is a bit concerned with search engine optimization knows that the ranking factors are not all equal in weighting. Some optimization measures have more impact on the result than others and should therefore be at the top of the ToDo list. Which factors should get a lot of attention, is clearly presented in the SEO period system – a graphic published every two years by Search Engine Land.

SEO has evolved over the years into an extremely complex topic and is therefore not easy to do when you want to achieve something with it. While there are a variety of tools to help with the work, they can also make sure that nothing is going on. On so many levels, they show measures for improvement, which one does not even know where to start. And instead of focusing on the really important factors, you lose lots of time with small things that do not really improve your ranking.

In the end, the Pareto principle also applies to SEO: focusing on the most important ranking factors (20 percent) makes up the bulk of the success (80 percent). If that is done, you can still take care of the rest, if it is necessary. Because depending on what you want to reach the top positions in the SERPs, it might be enough. And the already mentioned graphic shows at a glance what to focus on. Since, of course, the search engines also change a lot and the algorithm is adapted, there is always a change in the relevance of the individual factors. The SEO period system is therefore re-created every two years and this year it is clearly seen that the factors speed and mobile SEO have become significantly more important.

You can download the current graphic with all the important ranking factors here