Landingpages are widely used

Landingpages are an integral part of the world of online marketing, and they are also used in the adult business to make customers from the prospective customers. Their advantages are clearly obvious, because they only pursue the lead as a goal and do not offer many choices. In order for the prospective customer to become a customer, he must have an interest in the product from the outset. So it makes little sense to send any traffic to the landingpages or to display Landingpages as a replacement for the actual websites. Rather, they are an addition and work wonders with well prepared traffic.

Anyone who has not had anything to do with Landingpages now poses the question: What traffic can I send to landingpages at all, so that successes can also be seen? These four ways show you the perfect areas for landingpages:

e-mail Marketing

This is probably the most classic way to use landingpages for your traffic. If you have built a pool of newsletter subscribers, you can regularly send advertisements and make profits from them. No matter how your newsletter is set up (whether editorial or purely advertising), you can pass the traffic on Landingpages from there and convert it without further hurdles.

Media Buying

Similar to e-mail marketing, it also runs on media buying. If you run campaigns, you can forward them directly to Landingpages to convert the traffic. The better the campaigns match the landingpages, the better the final result.

Extra tip: Landingpages are also a great way to carry out traffic tests with new advertising partners and reduce the effort!

Social Media

Do you use social media channels to inspire users? Fantastic! Then landingpages were used as well, and the users in your contributions already prepared for what they expected. If you can arouse interest, the landing page will do the rest of the work and you’ll be amazed at how many leads you can generate with it.


Landing pages and blogs do not really fit together at first sight? Then you are wrong, because there is quite a lot to be done. If you write editorial articles on certain topics in your blog, you can refer to the Landingpage as “Call to Action”. For example, in your blog, you write about how a good profile for online dating should be built. Then, at the end, ask the reader to try it out for himself and send him to a matching landing page. Since he finds little distraction there, he will follow your call without thinking.

You can see, there are a lot of possibilities and a lot more can be found, if only from time to time you think a bit crosswise and leave the usual paths.

And of course you do not have to create landing pages yourself. We have prepared a large selection of landing pages for imaXcash so that you can choose the one that best suits you. Also try a few different ones and find out what’s best for your traffic!