Psychology in Marketing

Marketing is an incredibly complex issue. There are countless forms and ways to bring our products to the customer and it is precisely this diversity that makes it so difficult. Because just like us, many others try to awaken the attention of the customers and so we try different marketing tactics and find nowhere the advertising form, which works excellently. There is the idea that the advertising form does not always decide the success, but rather the content and how this is processed.

Especially in the area of the adult entertainment is probably rather rarely rationally decided to buy access. Much more are impulse purchases that cannot be influenced at first sight. Either the customer is just interested in dating or not. At second sight, however, there are already some factors that influence the purchase, these are not obvious but controlled by the subconscious. The customer himself does not really know which purchase decision justifies. Under the term neuromarketing you can find and learn a lot, but we would like to give you a few tips on the topic.

More small tricks, which are always pulling, are to be found in the area of the scarcity. Especially with advertisements one can work well with a temporal deadline (valid until …) or one announces XX accesses at a discounted price or similar to this effect. With a bit of imagination you can find many possibilities here to strengthen the purchase impulse even more with photos. Depending on the model, the attention can be directed to something. As far as the text is concerned, of course, a lot is possible. Rhymes, for example, are quickly absorbed and processed by the brain, and numbers are made out of letters, thus attracting attention.

You see, with little things you can do a lot in marketing, if you know it. Have you already been involved with neuromarketing and are you using measures?