Niche dating that works

Preferences are different – and this is nowhere more apparent than in dating. Some are on blonde girls, others have a certain fetish, and then there are those who prefer mature women with a lot of experience. These women, who are known everywhere as MILF, have really a lot to offer and therefore we are not surprised that more and more men are looking for dates with these hot married women and mothers! Last year in the late summer we introduced MILFSuche a new dating offer for the niche and since then the user numbers have grown from week to week. Of course, the webmasters, who convert their niche traffic with this offer, are also very happy.

With our brand Milfsuche you are addressing a precisely defined target group, who is looking for dates with housewives. As the name suggests, your customers have the opportunity to meet with hot moms and married women. It is not only clear in the name, but also at first sight in the design. The registration itself is short and simple, so the inhibition threshold is very low and the product has shown great conversions.

The offer is currently only available for the German-speaking market, and apart from two design variants, we have also prepared other advertising media, such as banners, which you can start immediately. The advertisements are now available in imaXcash and can be used immediately. In addition to conventional banners in many different sizes and styles, we have also created mobile site banners for the offer. The possibilities for applying are thus manifold and you should not wait to start, because the MILF niche is currently very popular and it is important to be at the forefront in order to take full advantage of all we have to offer.