Export Email data for your marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing forms in 2017. Furthermore, we have written many times, as we continue to take this issue seriously and operate email marketing, from which you benefit as a webmaster of imaXcash. But that’s not all, because even more effective is email marketing if you can run it yourself and inspire your targeted users with offers, great content and more. To make this feasible, we offer you the ability to export the user data of your users from our system.

We know that many webmasters are excited about the feature to export user data from the system. Unfortunately, the issue of data is always subject to a security problem and we have long thought about how to make the User Data Export as safe and easy for you. And of course we have found a great solution!

If you want to export the email addresses of your customers from the system, you can go to any offer on the item “Send User Data” and find there the possibility to ask our support to enable the export. Our supporters then receive a message and can enable this feature. Then you will be prompted to create a password for the data export. This password is to ensure that only you can retrieve the data.

The next step is to export where you have different filter options for the data available. You can get the data in CSV format and can thus simply move over into your email marketing software and work with it. Would you like to export more data in the future? You can do it directly from the account and a further support request or it may not be no longer necessary.

Sounds good, right? It is! And it is especially safe and prevents unauthorized access to the data!