Are you making these mistakes with Onpage SEO?

Actually, Onpage SEO should be for website operators who also want to earn serious money with the site and Google as a traffic source, without it being such a big issue. Everywhere there are guidelines on what to be respected and it is also not so much that it would not be to created. However, if you look at the websites a bit more closely, you quickly notice that even the basics are often ignored or incorrectly executed.

Links are still seen as a success guarantee for search engine optimization and yes, they are important. But they do not bring much if it is not right starting at the base. So before you think about the link construction, first check whether the internal linking also fits. There is usually something wrong. From dead links to missing nofollow attributes to faulty redirects, there is almost everything to be found.

Not only the internal linking is often flawed but also the sitemaps, which were created for search engines to actually have less work and to ensure a fast indexing, are a popular source of error, which naturally has a negative impact on the success as well. For many, the sitemap is not found at all, in others it is formatted incorrectly or supplies wrong links. Again, much can be done wrong, as you can see.

Even more potential is left in the area of the content. There are many websites where the HTML code is much longer than the actual content – often a sign that the code is not really neat. Also the length of the content should be kept in mind, after all, search engines love long texts and cannot do much with two or three-line content. If you avoid double content, which is still often found in these days, you are already doing a lot.

Further mistakes then take place in the area of the meta data – hardly to believe that this must still be addressed also old tags and similar are hardly or not used properly. This is, however, one of the absolute basics when you want to generate traffic from search engines. Only when all this fits, can you bring links from the outside for a real boost.