Stop the device mess

Nowadays bringing websites online can be easy. At least then, if one relies on existing solutions and uses CMS like WordPress. If you want to be independent of it and maybe even implement special requirements by yourself, a simple website could be a huge project because websites nowadays don’t simply have to look good in different screen resolutions on the web but mainly have to work well on mobile devices, sometimes making it quite a challenge; Especially when it comes to the testing and it is busy with many different devices. Blisk would simplify.

Blisk is a browser, which is aligned on the basis of Chromium on the needs of developers. Here Blisk is free and offers a range of tools with which it is easier to test websites on mobile and desktop. With the pre-installed tools the project will be simultaneously displayed on mobile devices and browsers, thus making it possible to have all the devices in view during testing.

What is particularly helpful is that Blisk works synchronized with all views. So, for example, you scroll in the browser view, it scrolls with the other views, so that a direct comparison is possible. For teamwork Blisk keeps more features ready. For example, within seconds screenshots are created with a one-click function, loading by Blisk equal to the cloud so that other team members can access it.

Additionally, there is an analytics tool with which the quality of the code can be checked at any time and a dashboard provides an overview of important things like loading time or even cross-browser compatibility. Overall, Blisk is therefore a fairly powerful tool for developers that can be used easily with other tools like Asana, Trello or Google Drive. Currently Blisk is only available on Windows and Mac, but the developers announced already a version for Linux.