More customers, more cash

What do you think of speaking to nearly 50 million potential customers? Does that sound good? What now reads like a beautiful dream can soon be a reality, because we offer you a dating product for the US market that allows you exactly that! With 325 million inhabitants, the US has the third-highest population worldwide and if we believe the statistics, already 15% of Americans have used online dating services and the trend is increasing!

With imaXcash, you simply have the opportunity to conquer the USA and secure a bit of the cake.This is anything but small because, in 2015, online dating offers in the land of unlimited possibilities were worth $ 1,750,000,000. A number with many zeros, which surely motivates you to approach the market. Of course we do everything we can to make your entry into the US market as easy as possible and if you are already active in the market, we offer you the possibility to get even more out of your traffic.

Does this sound interesting to you or do you still have doubt? If there are still doubts, we have put together some interesting facts that will make you want to enter the new market:

  • Altogether there are 54.250.000 singles in the USA
  • Most users of online dating services are between 18 and 44 years old. The number of users in the age segment of 18 – 24 years is particularly strong. The offspring thus discovers online dating for themselves and it becomes a normality for them.
  • 80% of those who have already used online dating services are of the opinion that online dating is a great way to get to know people and more than 60% even consider it to be the easiest and most successful way.
  • The average user invests $ 243 for online dating
  • The men’s surplus in online dating is comparatively very low. Although 52 percent of the users are male, but also shows that again 48 percent are females and the women are also confidently approaching dating – 33 percent of them said they had sex on their first date.

Many figures, but nevertheless it is interesting to see how the market works and how many possibilities are here to go successfully with a product. We are definitely very enthusiastic and are looking forward to offering you the opportunity. If you want to get started now, log in to and generate your promotion links!