With ZenMate it’s safer to be on the web!

Security on the Internet is a topic that cannot be thought about often enough. On the one hand, the idea that data could be intercepted is not exactly reassuring, and on the other hand, you would not want any step taken on the Internet to be followed. For these reasons, Internet security services are becoming increasingly popular. Such as ZenMate. There is a lot of security for small money.

ZenMate is a service that encrypts all activities via the browser (also mobile) and protects against prying eyes. You can hide your location and all your activities, so you can browse the web without knowing the usage. This all works through a browser addon that can be downloaded.

In addition to the security features, ZenMate also offers the possibility to switch to IPs from different countries. This makes sense especially if you want to avoid a geotargeting, for example, to access services that are not offered in your own country. Five different “locations” are currently available.

If you want to surf securely and unintentionally, you have a good tool with ZenMate, which can also be deactivated simply by using the Addon