Make cash with profiles easily!

Well, what comes on Thursday? Exactly, good tips from the house imaXcash! Our little tradition makes us so much fun that we have a feast every Thursday of the week and really want to show you something great or remind you of something that makes your all day work easier or helps you to get more sales. The tip this week can trigger a real sales boost!

But enough said – now for the important things and we betray, what awaits you: the possibility, to make cash with profiles easily! When you call up an offer of your choice, there is the section Promotional Advertising under the Special Promotools, which opens up a lot of possibilities for you. In the first step, you can select exactly what kind of profiles you want to use for your marketing. From sex to age to the region, there is quite a lot.

There are more than enough possibilities you can choose for yourself whether you want to use all the profiles that fall into your selection criteria for your work or only individual ones. In the first case you have a convenient and simple XML export, in the second case you can copy directly from the preview the link including your webmaster ID. Both paths lead to one goal: Using quick and easy a popular advertising medium that is great for the users and ensures high conversions.

No one says no to high conversions! So try the profile export right now and use the chance to apply directly to profiles that match your target group!