New online dating methods are good for sales!

Dating has always followed its own rules – offline as well as online. As expected there were certain trends that were not always nice but still popular. In the online dating, of course, you have quickly found names for every trend and above all the tabloid media like these topics to point out how great or not online dating is.

For some time, the ghosting has been very popular with dating. You get in touch, meet (also for sex) and disappear immediately – like a ghost. So, as an active Ghoster, it is sure to bring a considerable number of dates and sex partners, but it is not so nice for the partner, if it has not been clearly communicated before that nothing will happen after the date.

A further step is the Submarining or Zombieing. Here everything is like ghosting, but instead of forever disappearing, the dating partner suddenly appears again. Since it is reminiscent of a submarine, the term submarining emerged. Others describe it as if the lost dating partner is resurrected by the dead – hence the second term zombieing. As you might call it – this trend is just as little as ghosting, but for dating webmaster a small gold pit.

If a contact is made after months, the already lost customer can reactivate again. If the profile still exists and he/she receives a mail about the new message of the old dating friendships, the curiosity is great and it almost invariably follows a login. Even if it is not great to bump into such a zombie, most of them are curious again, want to write back and the membership is reactivated again. This brings cash, without doing something for it.

Even though many people are more critical about this dating trend and do not seem to be enthusiastic about it, it is a reason of joy for dating webmasters. For sales you do not have to do anything else – provided you have already built a large user-base, which can be reactivated by the submarining.