Will the mobile index finally come?

For a year now, it was clear that Google will bring the mobile index – and since then website owners have been waiting for something to happen. So far in vain and anticipation no reliable information about when it could be was released. But now something is happening!

In spring, Google’s Gary Illyes said that the mobile index rollout would take some time, since it is in a test phase. Last week, however, from John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, at least in a Google Hangout, the information was eagerly drawn that now something is going on. They actually talked about the activities that were registered by various SEO tools in a few days. At the beginning Mueller did the fluctuations with daily adjustments to the index. In the end, however, he admitted that it might be the first pages to be indexed for the mobile index – of course again for test purposes and only a few.

Well, a definite word it is not and it is also far from an official statement. But it really seems to be the first step because the rollout was definitely announced for this year. A switch at the push of a button is not planned, but the website is to be checked and then changed.

Now it is high time for all those who have not yet devoted themselves so extensively to the subject of mobile and responsive design. Since many still have some construction sites, which are better addressed, before the conversion takes place. Otherwise, this can sometimes turn out badly for those who generate their sales to a certain extent from visitors of Google.