HTML and CSS basics for everyone!

Even if there are countless good web developers out there, it is never wrong, if you can do some things in HTML and CSS by yourself. Whether it is to make adjustments or to complete something quickly but to book a course and probably still pay a lot of money is not really worth it, right?

Oliver James is of the opinion that nobody should spend money to learn how to program. For this reason, he has created tutorials that, according to his statements, can make everyone from a beginner to the Internet professional. On the website Interneting is hard, everyone has access to tutorials in 14 chapters, which contain a total of nearly 300 code examples.

In addition to the practice-oriented tutorials, there is also theoretical content, which are based on the background and explains the connection of HTML and CSS. Here, beginners are really well cared for and can basically get everything they need. If you already have some knowledge in the areas you will not find much information to be new, but here and there you can certainly refresh the knowledge a bit.