Free-users of today are the customers of tomorrow

In support chats, we are asked now and then, why we offer users a free registration, instead of directly linking to the Paygate. This decision has many reasons, but most of all it is based on our many years of experience. We can not share the fear of losing potential customers. Because our figures show quite clearly: most customers like to pay for the second click – and we like to make it easy for them.

To make users curious for an offer has not become easier over the years. Due to the large number of offers on the market, many people like to surf even further before they finally decide. Also the spontaneous purchases have decreased in recent years, because the media, which is not always comprehensive, many users are intimidated in the publication of numerical data and are slow at understanding. If, however, a free registration with little data is possible, the inhibition threshold is lower and you are looking for a little more details.

Once in the members’ area, the users tend to build trust and at this point, many are already willing to invest money. All those who are not ready are not lost, they are the customers of tomorrow. By entering their email address, they are recorded in the newsletter system and will be regularly applied in the future. The regularity, in turn, ensures that the user can build up trust and ultimately overcome the last obstacle.

For us, it is, of course, self-evident that the Webmaster ID is attached to every newsletter, which has brought the user into the system. So you can be sure that the customer is assigned to you and that you receive the commission even in a later purchase. It is irrelevant whether the purchase takes place tomorrow or even only in four months. Email marketing is a high priority and we are always working to optimize our system to achieve even more success for you. Many webmasters already make an inconsiderable part of their sales via email marketing – and the trend continues to show upward.

Another advantage, you can work well in the marketing process with the free registration where you can reach a larger target group. The otherwise traffic, which was something neglected, because it brought no sales, is now gladly seen – because by newsletters the chance, which a purchase is made, significantly increases.