It depends on the length …

Yes, it actually does depends on the length – especially in dating! You might not expect it now but rather on the length of customer subscriptions because attracting new customers is one thing to making existing customers happy so they stay for a long time and you’re earning them over and over in the Rev-Share model. This is exactly where a big challenge lies which we repeatedly face at imaXcash.

Earlier it was said that keeping an existing customer is much cheaper than winning a new one. In many industries this may still be true today. However, when it comes to online dating where you can get traffic pretty cheap, if you deal with a little bit of it this is not necessarily the case. If usability and conversion optimization are not foreign words then a new customer is not that expensive. He will be much cheaper if we all but not once earned him but over a longer period again and again and to do that, we at imaXcash do a lot.

Members areas are not as simple as they used to be and the regular work on them is not only necessary to keep everything technically in order, but also to actively provide customers with new features and to provide them with constantly new incentives thanks to various mechanisms and automation in the background. Because of the activity lives such a dating offer so well known. For this reason, we are constantly testing not only what works best for our offers and advertising materials, but also in the member areas.

Instead of just looking at Conversion Council, we also have the length of subscriptions in mind here. If customers only stay for one month, they need to find out why they were not satisfied. And if you are there for six months or more, of course we would also like to know what causes this. Only in this way can we finally find out what really works and in which areas it pays to invest more time and work. Of course, all these tests run in the background and the ongoing operation is not disturbed. But even if you do not see it directly, you benefit extremely because customers stay longer and that brings you higher sales!