Smart cookies of a special kind

Listening to the words google and “smart cookies” in combination, this inevitably leads to thinking about user data being recorded. And it begs the question: What is Google doing there again? The answer is surprising: instead of thinking about cookies in browsers, the search engine giants used artificial intelligence to search for the best recipe for chocolate cookies.

Just in time for Christmas, Google now has the recipe for the most perfect chocolate cookies out there. In order to find this, they have experimented for a long time and fiddled with the help of artificial intelligence and a bakery to the correct composition of the most delicious cookies. As it now became known, it took over two months to find the right composition. As a basis, the basic ingredients for chocolate cookies were programmed into the artificial intelligence, so this has created a first recipe. This was baked by a bakery, distributed for testing and evaluated. All in all, there were almost 60 recipes which were created and tested with the help of artificial intelligence until the perfect chocolate cookie was created.

A long way and probably not always very tasty. Especially the first cookie experiments should not necessarily have been a treat. But the whole effort was worth it in the end. At least if you like chocolate cookies – and who does not? Of course, it is especially great that the cookie dough is vegan, if you choose the chocolate according to this criteria. Not only the customers of the bakery and Google employees can nibble on the “smart cookies”, the recipe has now been published so that everyone can bake it at home.

What does all this have to do with online marketing? Nothing! But just before Christmas you can digress on the topic of cookies and at least this experiment shows us which areas of life could possibly be influenced by artificial intelligence in the future!