Engagement on Facebook becomes a challenge

We, who work in the dating industry have never had an easy time with Facebook. Switching Ads for dating offers is prohibited and so you always had to take creative detours if you wanted to use this feature. It was not absolutely necessary, after all, thanks to the organic range, a lot was always possible. However, this one was pretty much down this year and could only be upheld by engagement baits – but that’s the end of it!

Anyone who did not want to or was unable to switch to Facebook Ads in the past did not have to do without traffic on the popular social media platform. There are always ways to influence the Facebook algorithm so that the postings of its own fan page also arrive at many fans. Even as the organic reach became ever more limited, there was a lot you could do. Vote-Baiting, for example, where a “survey” called for the click of “Like”, “Love” or “Haha” was particularly popular. But also the request to mark friends, who like this or that or should do something, was well suited to increase the range.

There are also other options, such as Share, Comment or React Baiting. Not all that nice, but it served its purpose. Now Facebook wants to put a stop to that and make sure that such methods will not be rewarded with more reach. As a result, hundreds of thousands of papers have been evaluated and marked for AI by Baiting, which will now decide in the future where to expect benefits from such methods. If the AI ​​then recognizes these types of contributions, the reach should be downgraded for them.

With this update, which should be rolled out next week, Christmas time for many site operators is certainly a little less beautiful. A good traffic source could go a long way with these punishments. And that’s even just the beginning, as Facebook announced. Soon there will be another update, which punishes entire sites that regularly use such Baiting contributions. So it is time for many to find a new way to generate traffic with Facebook in the future as well.