Google’s Adblocker – harmless or not?

About Google’s new adblocker, anchored in the Chrome browser, we have seen a lot of news in recent weeks. Also here in the blog, we have already written about it and were curious now that the filtering of advertising is finally implemented and what possible advantages or disadvantages in the ranking on Google are possible due to the advertising material used. Now there is the final information about the start of the adblocker.

On the 15th of February the time has come: Google activates its adblocker. Who made the Chrome update to version 64, also has the adblocker, but he was previously without function. This will change on the date mentioned above – and the Adblocker will do its work automatically in the future. Of course, as a user, you have the option of disabling the feature or adjusting it to your needs. However, it is also clear that probably no conventional user, including our customers, will do so.

As mentioned in other articles, the Google Adblocker does not work like other programs of this kind. It does not basically filter out all ads, but is based on the rating of Coalition for Better Ads. And over the years 12 advertising formats have been banned. Exactly on these advertising formats then also the Google Adblocker jumps. What happens if you use one of these ad formats?

In the first step, not much more than a warning is given. As a website owner you should then remove the ad format from the page within the next 30 days, otherwise the Adblocker will be really active and then block all ads that run on the domain. But as it has now become known, this is unlikely to happen if it is just one ad violating the policy. So there is a gray area.

In addition, probably the fewest pages probably get problems. The Adblocker applies only to Canada, Europe and the US, and during a survey conducted on 100,000 sites, only 0.6 percent of the sites ever warned. So it should not be a big problem to follow the guidelines. And if you do not, it should at least have no negative impact on Google search engine ranking.

At the moment nobody has to be afraid of the adblocker. In which direction he will develop, however, remains to be seen.