Get more out of your customers

As our partner you have one thing above all on your ToDo list: generate traffic, which fits the respective offers and converts accordingly well. We support you in this by making the offers available, repeatedly testing how the conversion can be increased and of course, providing suitable advertising material. But we also do more!

Finding the right traffic is not always easy. We know how much effort that often means and therefore also support here. This does not mean that we deliver the traffic to you, but we also ensure that the customers you bring stay in the system for as long as possible. Thanks to Rev-Share, you can benefit from them for a long time and the effort really pays off.

How exactly do we do that? Members areas are not as simple as they used to be. The regular work on them is not only necessary to keep everything technically in order, but also to actively provide customers with new features and to provide them with constantly new incentives thanks to various mechanisms and automation in the background become. Because of the activity lives such a dating offer so well known. For this reason, we are constantly testing not only what works best for our offers and advertising materials but also in the member areas.

If customers only stay for one month, they need to find out why they were not satisfied and if you are there for six months or more, of course we would also like to know what causes this. Only in this way can we finally find out what really works and in which areas it pays to invest more time and work. Of course, all these tests run in the background and the ongoing operation is not disturbed. But even if you do not see it directly, you benefit extremely because customers stay longer and that brings you higher sales!

For more information write an email to Zuzana!