Avoid broken links

Do you run one or more blogs? Then it would certainly be interesting to know how many broken links accumulated over time in the contributions, right? Well, what is interesting is an expansible concept, because you would not want to know. Broken links mean additional work, because you should already replace them or at least take them out. Not only does the visitor not have the unpleasant experience of clicking on a non-existent page, but also so that the Google-Bot is not sent to a one-way street he wouldn’t like.

But what is the best way to ensure that these broken links accumulate over time and that is what they will do where you can almost guarantee? You could, of course, sometimes click through articles and check links but if the blog has existed for a long time or if you have several blogs, you will never be able to do it properly and sacrifice a lot of time, which you could use making it better to go back to tools.. It’s even better to use a plugin so you don’t constantly forget to start a tool which is the same when visiting the backend about it.

The Broken Link Checker plugin does exactly that – and it does a really good job. Once activated, it scans not only your own posts, but also comments and all other content on broken links. And if you want, you can even be informed by e-mail if a link does not work. And if you then display the broken link via the plugin, it can be corrected immediately. This saves time during search. Something this helpful should not be missing in any blog installation!