Short URL will be closed

Short URLs are an integral part of the internet. Instead of eternally long additions with cryptic paths, a short URL is often used in marketing also if that does not reveal anything about the website or content, but does not take up much space and does not completely destroy the text image. Since 2009, Google has also offered such a URL shortener, which of course was often used. Especially from various services that have worked with the Shortener API but that should be over now.

Many originally thought it was one of Google’s April fools jokes, but it’s actually true: is being discontinued and replaced by the new Firebase platform. Although this does not necessarily happen overnight, but in several phases, the first deadlines are set very short notice. Users who have previously used the Shortener anonymously, ie without registration, can only do so until April 13, 2018. Developers will be deferred until May 30, 2018 until access is blocked. Only registered users and developers with an API connection need not worry now. The service is available until March 30, 2019.

Of course, the attitude of raises a particular question: What happens to the existing, already used short URLs? According to Google, there will be no problems and all previously created URLs lead to the desired destination. Even if is completely dissolved. What the conversion to the new service Firebase Dynamic Links should look like, is not yet completely known. The only certainty is that a migration will not happen automatically.

If you are looking for alternatives for, you can use other providers like Bitly or use a self-hosted URL shortener. The latter creates independence.