Google is testing endless results pages

To get a place in the search results for the desired keyword on the first page is the main goal of many website owners. Because only then, as the experience shows, you can also sense an increase in the number of visitors via the search term. Unfortunately there is only limited space on the first page, so it is getting harder and harder to get there. However, that can change soon and everyone will be able to stand on the first page.

Google is constantly testing new features and visual changes. Some of them are very hidden and hardly visible from the outside, others immediately catch the eye and have a big effect. The latter is currently the case, because Google is currently testing a button with “More Results”, which ensures that the user does not have to go to the next page.

Instead of working through page after page, which hardly anyone does anyway, it should be possible to show more and more results via the button. On the first page of the SERPs, more results are displayed on request. As always, not all users have this new feature, but the tests are supposed to run for a few days already and as Google itself confirmed, more users will be called in for the test. Especially in the mobile search, almost all should now be included in the test.

This development can be quite exciting, because so far it was almost irrelevant, whether one appeared with his website on the second or tenth page of the search results, as users usually clicked only on the first page. Infinite Scrolling, which is now being tested, can undermine this effect and ensure that not only the first ten search results are considered.

We definitely find these tests exciting and will continue to pursue them. It’s also exciting to see if there are any differences that can be recognized by some keywords right now.