The control center for business and life

How many tools do you use in everyday life? There is at least one ToDo app, a note management, maybe even a Wiki, then of course a writing tool and spreadsheets plus calendars and so much more. Since quite a lot comes together and although the tools communicate well with each other or it is then made possible by IFTTT or Zapier often still lacks this one control center where everything converges and the overview is maintained.

After a rather hesitant start in 2016, a tool is currently attracting attention everywhere:! This tool, for which there is no suitable description, is for many users exactly what they have long desired but could not name. And so, it is not easy to find a name, or describe the possibilities in a few words. In the end, Notion is what you make of it. Sounds strange, but if you let yourself in on it and discover the benefits of the tool in your daily work, you would not want to miss it.

Notion has a modular structure and makes it possible to completely adapt the usage to your own needs. There are ready-made templates for notes, weekly schedules, kanban boards, calendars and much more; and where the templates do not fit, you can easily create worksheets yourself and adjust them as needed. The operation is intuitive in everything and despite the many possibilities offered by Notion, it does not seem overloaded or confusing. Everything just blends in and allows you to quickly access everything that matters.

Other tools can be easily integrated via link, so that the workflow is not disturbed and also imports from other tools are easily possible. All this is completely free in the basic version, but for those who use it intensively, there is also a pro version. Of course, the tool can also be used by teams and will often be a big relief. So it’s worth taking a look.