Preparation for the Voice Search

Doesn’t it feel a bit strange to give the smartphone any instructions by voice command? Especially in public, it can also attract irritated glances. Statistics shows: Voice Search has not really had the kick start with the Internet users. But what still runs a bit under the radar today, can be quite common tomorrow – that’s what the past has always proven to us. Therefore, it makes sense to deal with the voice search today!

Since the smartphone has become an indispensable tool for most, of course, search engines are also used with the mobile devices. So much so that the traffic from mobile devices is significantly higher than that of desktop devices. This change will bring many more, some of which we can already see. The voice search is one of them, because typing on the screen is often tedious and a spoken search is usually much faster.

So slowly the importance of this function is growing on mobile devices. While everyone is on the other side of 30 they are still a bit hesitant to address Siri, the next generation is growing up with “Ok Google” and is already using voice search as a matter of course. This shows us again: who wants to make good money tomorrow, should deal with the possibilities even today. Of course, in the best case, think about what Voice Search means for SEO.

John Mueller of Google has some time ago revealed what is important in terms of voice search. This includes structured data with the help of and, in addition to technical factors, above all a natural writing style as well as a focus on the expectations of the user. With voice search, long tail keywords will be more important than ever. This also brings many new opportunities.