imaXcash let’s the cash desk ring

Over time, we have really built up a great product portfolio at imaXcash. We not only offer different dating offers, but also have matching offers for different countries in our system that leave nothing to be desired. In doing so, we focus on tailoring offers to local preferences and in addition, to a wide range of payment options. We even offer multilingual support to our customers. A service which pays off in holding times and thus sales.

Even if money is not everything, it still plays an important role in our (working) life and the prospect of getting a few percentages more will make many webmasters curious. With the products of imaXcash and the high commission (from 70 percent payout) we do not want to send out just a lure call. We are also convincing with our really good conversion rates and are always in the process of getting the best out of the traffic of our partners. So we all win.

Have you already discovered the various offers and countries that you can promote via imaXcash? If not, it’s high time to get into action right here. Who missed it leaves a lot of money! And to make it even easier for you to earn money with our offers, we also have a large selection of advertising materials that you can use immediately and without any problems for you. In addition, our support is always at your disposal and helps, if there are questions somewhere or you can not make the leap to the next one of your sales goals alone.