The evolution of the internet!

It is summer, many are on holiday, so we can deviate a little bit of pure business! This infographic we just discovered is great for that. While it will be almost a history lesson for the younger ones among us, the elders can reminisce as they have witnessed many of these milestones live!

Hard to believe that in 1971, the first email was sent, right? This means of communication has become indispensable in our lives today, but not so old. However, with the arrival of emails in the communications world, the first viruses came. Luckily, the digital development did not stop there! Even the first spam mail, which was sent in the late 1970s, could not harm email as a communication tool.

The first domain was registered with in the mid 80’s and in 1991 the first website was published on the World Wide Web. From then it went fast and graphics, instant messaging and even blogs were in the mid-’90s a topic. With the new possibilities also the desire for a monetization and banner ads moved in. After the turn of the millennium, the Internet was unstoppable, and the events and “first times” literally overturned. For example, in 2004, the first Youtube video went online and in the same year, Mark Zuckerberg filled out the first Facebook profile.

Many other things that are part of our everyday life have been created since then and many things have disappeared. In any case, it is exciting to recall the developments and to see how much has changed in a few decades. Just when you’ve experienced many of these milestones yourself, it’s just fun to take a look back at all of this.

We owe this great graphics by the way – a great idea that you had there!