Are the new Google advertising materials forward-looking?

Performance marketing is a big field with many stumbling blocks. Whether a campaign is successful or not depends on many factors and constant optimization and testing are necessary to ensure long-term success. Not infrequently, therefore, a whole team works together to best cover all areas of work.

Of course, as in many other areas, the question arises: can’t software do these tasks much better now? So far, most of the tools available were just a support and may have been used for automation, but they do not provide any benefit beyond that. Google apparently wants to change that and has announced new advertising products based on machine learning (ML) to simplify targeting for marketers.

Google has a lot going on in the ad space right now. There were new names for the products and also the advertising systems themselves were refreshed. Now, with three new formats, completely new possibilities are to be opened. Google announced that it will help advertisers to create and play ads more effectively and also promises campaign management support. Man and machine work together and creativity should be combined with machine learning.

In practice, this looks like it’s going to have up to four lines of text and fifteen headlines, and Google then tests out the possible combinations and then delivers matching combinations for customers – all the while learning. The campaigns are thus more flexible and according to Google, therefore, also far better results can be achieved. The more data Google can collect, the better the result of the campaign should be. At least the theory.

Currently, such opportunities create curiosity, but it is also doubted whether the system can keep what it promises. If so, more companies are likely to trust Google Ads in the future and invest money in performance marketing. Then it is only a matter of time before others offer these possibilities.