Stop the browser mess

Please be honest: How many tabs do you have currently opened in your browser? Especially those who work online and handle their tasks with different tools will now have a lot to count. This alone will not be so bad, if there was not always a new search for the right tab would begin and you switchl endlessly between the pages around. With an extension, at least the Chrome browser can put an end to this mess!

The Workona Chrome extension really addresses the problem of too many open tabs and offers the possibility to put an end to chaos with workspaces. In these workspaces, tabs can be organized into collections that you can then jump between. All tabs stay active, so the pages are open all the time, but they simply do not show up when you switch to another workspace.

Of course, the workspaces can be easily and individually created and named. In addition, it is also possible to group the workspaces in the overview and thus to create even more system. So you really have the right tabs at hand at all times and can adapt the collections to your own workflow. Last but not lease those who work in teams can even share workspaces.