Chrome browser with speed boost?

The topic of loading times is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, website owners are trying to keep loading times as low as possible, so as not to disappoint users. On the other hand, the browser developers can also do something to make the user experience better. Google Chrome is currently exploring this area and working on lazy load features. Two different measures should ensure that websites are loading faster via the browser in the future.

Especially in the entertainment sector, which we are also in, it is not always easy to achieve good loading times. Customers are visually oriented and are not only made aware of pictures and videos, but also targeted for registration. The more these resources are used, the higher the load time of the website. One way to provide the site with acceptable load times despite everything is to use infinite scrolling technologies. They ensure that content is not loaded until the user scrolls to the bottom of the website.

What has been used by website operators, should be on Google Chrome at best, by default, on board. There too, one deals with the “lazy load” functions, which provide content when the user really needs them. In practice, it looks like the websites are loaded, but embedded media is not displayed. Placeholders appear on their display and only when they come into the visible area or its vicinity, the browser loads them. This saves a lot of loading time, and while all the major parts of the site load faster, the rest really only appears when needed.

Whether and when this feature is integrated as standard in the Chrome browser, is not yet clear. It can now be tried out and activated in a roundabout way – but as problems still arise when pages are working with extensive scripts, for example, use is not advised. Too often there are errors in the presentation. But there will certainly be solutions soon!