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As a webmaster, you may not necessarily have a quiet and boring life. Rather, our job varies and if we have to work with five or five hundred websites: there is always a lot to do. Without a todo list where we can hold unique and recurring tasks, many would certainly be lost.

But the words todo list alone puts many in stress, because not everyone have found the right kind of list for themselves. Some use the classic paper and pen, others the calendar, while some use built-in todo lists in email programs or use apps for them. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. As a handy tool, however, tools that do not mean more work, but rather show themselves as helpers.

Okay, todo tools are like sand at sea. What is different or particularly great with is usually answered quickly:

– Absolutely clean design – without unnecessary gimmicks
– Usable via browser or browser extension for quick overview
– All the functions you need – but also no more, which distracts
– Available as an app for iOS and Android
– With an add-on app, it is also linked to the Google Calendar with Android phones captivates especially by clarity and the renouncement of frills of any kind, so you can really concentrate on the essential – and mobile as well as on the PC. The tool has found a lot of appeal for many users.