Few words make the difference!

Anyone who actively deals with e-mail marketing and also generates revenue knows about the problems with the classification as spam. It gets more and more difficult to get into the mailbox of the user and for it to not end up in the spam folder. But with a few tips and tricks, the chance of reaching the user can be increased. It takes no more than a little creativity!

Even if we all send advertising emails in the end, they do not have to be recognized as such and in the worst case have to be moved to the spam folder. How to change that? Often the subject already decides how the mail is classified. This is proven again and again by various studies. So the emails can be set up clean, have great content and also be sent at the perfect time – if the subject is bad, the chance of getting good results decreases. Not only is the automatic classification as spam from the mail server a problem, but also the user himself. A survey conducted in 2016 showed that 69 percent of users often mark e-mails as spam just because of the subject. So they do not even open it.

Especially with advertising, it is important to be creative in the subject line and especially to look at what competitors are doing. That’s a good indication of what does not lead to success. Especially in the dating sector, such a comparison can make a big difference. If phrases are chosen for the subject, which the competitors also like and often use, the mail is classified as negative. Examples include topics such as “time for a chat?” and similar. It is better if just completely different things are tried. For example, what works well in Social Media click baitings can also be customized as a subject.

There are now many evaluations that list negative words that lead almost directly into the spam folder. It is worthwhile to look at different lists and to compare which words and phrases are mentioned everywhere over and over again – and that should not be used under any circumstances. On the other hand, of course, there are also words that create trust and not only ensure that no marking is done as spam, but to encourage opening. These too should be studied carefully and then used naturally. This way, the success of mailings can be improved within a very short time and everyone benefits from it!