RSS feeds create great opportunities!

For the weekend we will like to give you a tip on how imaXcash can make your job easier along with giving you even more opportunities to generate sales. Meanwhile, this tip or outlook is almost a small tradition and we do not want to break this week either. On the contrary, because we want to bring into focus a promotional tool that you may have missed so far: the RSS Promo Tool.

With the RSS Promo Tool, we offer you the opportunity to use an XML-based RSS feed as an advertising medium that outputs profiles from the dating services. The uses of such a feed are endless. You can integrate it via a plugin into the blog and thus create content at the touch of a button, or offer the feed as a dynamic bookmark or even give the opportunity to subscribe to feed with a feed reader and surely you will think of a few more ways to use the RSS Promo Tool.

The RSS feeds round off our Promo Tools offer and create many options far away from traditional advertising media, such as banners. Webmasters using this RSS Promo Tool are definitely excited about this and find it great that they will save a lot of time so they can work on other things.