For creatives: create color palettes in a new way

Many of our partners are not only affiliates, they also have a very creative streak. Some of them then start to make graphics and designs. If you like designing too, today we have a great tool for you to help you create color palettes. Because, as you surely know, the selection of the right colors is often a decisive step towards success and red is not just red, but rather a name for many, many shades that want to be discovered!

As already written, today we want to introduce you to a very special color tool. “The Google for colors” – that is what the makers of Picular call their tool and, of course, raise great expectations. As soon as the tool is called up, the minimalist presentation stands out. A logo, a headline and a search field – there is nothing more. However, it does not need more with this special tool, because instead of searching specifically for colors, as is the case with many other tools, you are looking for objects, moods and the like.

Are you planning a dating site for nature lovers? Then just try nature as a keyword and would you like to address young women? Then perhaps, Lollipop as a search term could provide suitable colors for the graphics / website. There are no limits to your imagination – and it’s really fun to come up with new things, which are then interpreted in different colors. The colors are not only displayed by Picular, but also provided with the hex code and if you’re curious about why this particular color is being selected, you’ll also see a small icon at the bottom right that shows you the original photo the color was taken from. It is also fast if Picular has not recognized a background on a picture as such and outputs an inappropriate color.

Although the tool does not always lead to success immediately, it really inspires great and supports the creative process enormously. But beware: Here is the fun and game factor really big and it can be a lot of time spent with it!