Make money in Romania

Have you ever been to Romania? The capital Bucharest, attracts many tourists but it is also becoming more and more interesting for companies. However, the rest of the country is also beautiful and it’s always worth a trip – even if it’s only to admire the pretty Romanian women. At the latest when you see this, it is very clear why online dating in Romania works so well. This makes it very easy to get to know the women!

Romania has nearly 20 million inhabitants and with an average age of 42 years, there are many inhabitants who are directly in the right age for dating and flings. The fact that just half of the Romanians live in cities and the rest in rural areas explains why online dating is becoming more and more popular in the Eastern European country.
While other companies are just discovering Romania as a market, we have been active here for a long time, adapting the product to the wishes and needs of the users.

In addition, we even provide customer support in the language of the country and always stay on the ball in order to be able to quickly take advantage of trends and changes. As a webmaster of imaXcash, this is of course a good thing when you supply your Romanian traffic with our product. The conversion rates will inspire you!