SEO also carries risks!

Although some of our partners have meanwhile relied on generating traffic primarily through ad campaigns, classic SEO is still a part of it for many. With a good optimization you can generate a lot of organic traffic and if the user exercises the right search terms, they are usually also very willing to buy and good conversion rates compensate for the effort of optimization. But will it always stay that way?

For years the SEO has always predicted the end and it is still there. We also do not assume that it will simply disappear from one day to the next. But especially in terms of Google, you should still worry about a few things and possibly adjust your own strategy to work well in the long term and, above all, independently. Thoughts in this direction are being voiced over and over again, especially when Google is once again entering new markets. So it is often no longer in the foreground to direct the searching user to a suitable website, but Google gives itself the answer or the solution to a problem.

Well, in dating, Google will not be able to do much – but it’s certainly not wrong to think that more and more paid ads will someday push the organic search results into the background. This also happens in some areas and thus also ensures a decline in revenue for those who use Google as the only source of traffic. So it’s a good idea to start building alternative traffic sources now. This can be paid advertising, but also the optimization for other search engines that do not go into other markets. So you do not depend solely on Google and can in fact look forward to changes serene, because even then comes traffic from other sources and the business is not completely broken.