Much speaks for imaXcash

As a webmaster of imaXcash, you have the choice between different products and different countries, in addition we offer a number of advertising material and meaningful statistics, regular payouts, high commissions (from 70 percent) and many other extras are also available. There are really no wishes left! But so that you are really successful you can still earn more money, we also do a lot on the side of the user. They eventually buy the products and the longer they stay, the more you can earn.

We have already told you about some of the things we do for the users here in the blog. In this way, we continuously optimize the member areas, offer support in the local language and much more. We also ensure that real women use the products! The proportion of women on a dating portal is a very decisive success factor. Sure, The men finally want to experience something. And they do not feel like constantly meeting for fakes. That’s why two things have a high priority for us:

  1. More women in the offers!
    Women also like online dating. And they like hot dates without obligations. They are only a little easier than men and therefore do not necessarily have to pay to use dating services. Therefore, we offer women the free use of our offers to make them happy which will also make the men happy
  2. Authenticity check
    Where women can register for free, there are always men who make a joke with it. They simply register a female profile and annoy the paying male customers. We do not have that! We have introduced a verification. Each new account of a female member on the websites is verified with a phone call within 30 minutes. We want to make sure that all the externally created accounts are really 100% female.

Our verification process is another example of our commitment to our users. Our male members are happier and will stay with us longer. This will earn you more money, but of course you will be happier and we will have a partner with you who enjoys working with us. That way it’s  a win for everyone and we can all enjoy a long-term and successful cooperation.