Free link check with extras

Although Google emphasizes again and again that links alone are not crucial for success in ranking, they are still very important and can make a difference. So it makes a lot of sense to invest energy (and money) in link building. But not only the structure you should have in mind, but also the existing links. From the profile you can quickly see what really brings something and what may be negligible in the future.

There are many ways to get links. Some take on this task themselves and make a lot for a great link profile, which offers benefits for ranking. Others outsource this task to service providers and only occasionally glance at the result. No matter which of these options you choose, with the free tool Open Link Profiler you can see at any time, where you stand with the backlink structure. Unlike many other (free) tools, not only does it show you the source of the link and maybe the anchor text, but there are some extra pieces of information that can really help you.

The Open Link Profiler shows you after analysis of your domain above mentioned information source of the link and of course the anchor text. Since that alone is not really meaningful, there is still useful additional information. For example, you can instantly see when the link has been placed, and it even informs you from which industry the link came from. This also makes it easy to see how relevant the link is. And of course, the indication of whether it is a DoFollow or NoFollow link, not missing.

However, we find the LIS – the Link Influence Score that is calculated and displayed – particularly interesting. The LIS is a percentage that evaluates the influence of the link on the ranking. For this, the quality of the link source is evaluated and also the position of the link. The higher the ILS, the better the link for you. The goal should be to build as many links as possible with a high ILS.