Many new features in the Google search!

The sweet summer time is clearly over. This is not only reflected in rising traffic and falling temperatures, but also the news that’s being circulated around us. Google is currently very active again and changes a lot – even in the Google search. It should receive in the next time a lot of new functions, which provide for more comfort in the search. But of course they can also have an impact for us as a website owner.

No less than eight new features Google has announced for the next few months in the search and these are sometimes rather unspectacular and sometimes quite interesting and above all, there is also the possibility that here and there something in the user behavior changes. One feature that could do that is to return to old search queries. In doing so, Google also provides a list of pages that were clicked on previous visits via the result list of a search. Some users will definitely stop that from getting new pages. This new feature should come later this year.

Also soon available is the function for collections. This allows you to save search results for later, and Google also adds links to similar content in addition to the saved pages. More tips on other search results will also be available in additional tabs in the future, in which Google displays other searches frequently made in connection with the search term. So if you are looking for dating, for example, flirting tips or the like can be displayed as additional searches in the future.

Anyone who has already used the search app from Google, certainly knows the Google feed. It will soon be renamed Discovery Feed and will also be displayed on the mobile website. There are also some minor changes within the feed, but most of them are just comfort. There will also be more comfort in the video search, which will soon allow a direct viewing of the clips and propose relevant videos with artificial intelligence. Finally, the image search is improved, and here too the comfort will play a major role. More than just being comfortable, however, is the integration of Google Lens. From recorded photos, an artificial intelligence can detect objects and provide relevant information.

All in all, there are some serious changes and it remains to be seen how the users will accept them and what changes will result in the long term.