Mobile Advertising: That’s what matters!

Majority of users today are only with using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet on the go and thus using the dating and entertainment offers of any kind. Many companies are already making big profits with mobile advertising – others have problems with it and cannot quite as easily adapt to the new requirements. It is often sufficient to pay attention to a few points in order to make the mobile ads a success.

The first and most important step in mobile advertising is being aware of the fact that the attention span for ads is very short. In addition, you never know where the user currently is and whether he is mentally ready for the topic. Instead of sophisticated ads with storytelling, often meaningful images with a short, attention-grabbing text are more successful. The chances of success are especially high when the ads can be experienced interactively, thus enabling playful interactions which appeal to the user and offering him an experience that makes him want more. But beware: You should not exaggerate it either. At some point, the goal must be achievable. Preferably, of course, before the user loses his patience. If frustration or boredom arise, the potential customer is quickly lost.

What needs to be considered in mobile advertising, especially when using videos, is the orientation. Many still forget that most users use their mobile phone almost exclusively in vertical format. The videos should also be designed to be fully effective. No one ever wants to turn their phones back and forth just because an advertiser likes it so much. While we’re on the topic of video, here’s where it pays off to produce extra versions of mobile video ads that do not run for more than 15 seconds. That’s the maximum limit and at the latest they in fact turn off most users.

But especially in the mobile sector, the advertising also offers many great options that can be perfectly combined with call-to-actions. So calendar entries can be added for events of any kind and the storage of discount codes and the like is very easy. This brings many benefits for users, but is often new territory for advertisers. Since we would all like to be a bit braver and find out what is possible and well received by the users.