Real women – a guarantee of success for every dating service

A few weeks ago we have already reported that we attach great importance to creating incentives for women. If men are to acquire membership in a dating product, many women’s membership is still the best advertisement. That’s why women can sign up for free with us and can use the offers fully without paying for the features. With this approach we have made the best experiences over the years. While noting the importance that the long-term success of a dating product also depends on other factors!

What is more important than a high female quota in the offer? Of course, a high proportion of real women! The better known a product becomes, the more one has to do as an operator to keep all members satisfied. Satisfaction is especially there when the male members meet real women. Too often, men try to save money by signing up with a female profile, or the profiles are used exclusively to promote other portals. Of course, frustration comes when, as a paying customer, you often come across such profiles and can not record any successes.

Our task as an operator of dating offers is not only to act here when someone complains, but in advance do our due diligence to see whether the female profiles are real. For this reason, we perform an authenticity verification by phone on every female profile, so we can sort out obvious fakes right from the start. This makes the later administration of the offers easier and saves a lot of time. In addition, of course, the male members are much happier and thus the customers stay longer. The effort to check the female members pays off quickly and the positive feedback from our customers shows that we are going the right way here.