Push marketing brings great success

Although users are less and less prepared to load a new app onto their smartphone for every little thing, many marketers still rely on it in order to better reach prospects and customers. The reason is often much simpler than you would expect. It’s about the push notifications that are possible through the apps. This way, you can reach the customer much better than in any other way and make him aware of the app or product again and again. But not only with the apps push notifications work great. Even on the browser, you can apply this marketing method and achieve great results.

Why does email marketing work so well and why do many rely on messengers in communicating with customers? Of course, in all these channels, the marketing message can be played directly to the customer, who has also actively expressed his interest by signing up for the newsletter or consenting to messenger communication. That’s exactly what makes the push marketing via the web browser interesting and, above all, successful for us all. If the user comes to a website, he will be offered a small notification window to get news in the future – no matter where he is or what he is doing. So he does not have to visit the site anymore to learn about new features. Large portals, especially from the news sector, have been using this type of marketing for quite some time and are also generating a lot of traffic. For other websites, however, this is rarely seen, and it also offers a lot of potential there!

The big advantage of push marketing is that the user only has to click on a button once and then receive the advertisement in the future – without any necessary confirmations, additional apps or plugins. It is really quite simple and many users choose pop-up without much thought about the consent to push messages and are thus already subscribers. Just as easy for the user is the OptOut. Also there is only one click necessary. However, experience shows that the implementation rate is low if the marketing channel is used smartly and offers added value. With good texts, double-digit click-through rates are the rule and if discounts are promised, the response is of course even higher.

There are different providers for push marketing and many offer the service free of charge or free upto a certain number of subscribers. Detailed statistics are also mostly integrated and thus you can test to see if this marketing channel offers advantages for your own websites.