Search Console information about high load times

Google is increasingly emphasizing that a website loads quickly. Of course, this is also an important issue in times when most websites are used more frequently by mobile devices than by desktop computers. Especially on the smartphone, where maybe not always and everywhere the best connection is readily available, nobody wants to wait for long connection times. Therefore, much attention on Google is no secret.

If the page speed of a website is too high, this can quickly be seen as a negative impulse for the ranking. And it is not always noticeable to us as a website operator that exactly this can cost a few places in the SERPs. Since it is a nice service from Google, that now hints about very high load times as notification in the Search Console will be sent. Currently, more and more webmasters are reporting that they have received such a message, in which Google draws attention to the problem and the possible causes.

However, Google not only reveals that there is a problem here, but also provides tips and information about the three most important metrics that webmasters should consider when optimizing:

  • First Contentful Paint: The moment in which the user can consume content of the site for the first time
  • Time to Interactive: Time of the page layout up to the point at which interaction of the user is possible
  • First Input Delay: Time of the first interaction until the response in the browser.

Google tracks exactly these points and therefore also points out to the webmasters to have these points in view. There are also more concrete tips for optimizing the pages in the message via the Search Console. It is recommended that the analysis of the Google Developer Tool Lighthouse, which then also displays errors accurately. If these are eliminated, then the sitemap should be updated via the Search Console. This gives Google the signal that there have been changes. Once again, Search Console proves to be an important tool for webmasters who want to make their sites attractive to Google.