The women make the difference

How do you know if a dating product is successful or not? Of course, by the number of female members. You can offer great features, be unbeatable in price or win design awards – but without a certain number of female members, a product will never be really successful. It’s actually a clear thing, right? This also means that one of the most important tasks for us as a supplier of products is to get women interested in our dating portals; which is not always an easy task – but we have mastered it!

We all know that women do not necessarily need to be registered with a dating portal when they are looking for fun. It is offered to most everywhere more or less by the men. As soon as the women signal that they are interested in a date or maybe even a hot night, they also find men with whom this is possible. So why should women register for dating services and often even pay for them? We have asked ourselves this question again and again and we will certainly not stop it. Because only in this way can we always find answers with which we inspire women for our offers.

To ensure a high rate of women in our dating services, we can really come up with a lot. Above all, it is important that women can use the portal completely free of charge. If fees are due, they go to other services. There are, of course, a few other reasons why so many women choose our dating service. But they are under the trade secret 😉

It is important for you, above all, that you can count on us to ensure a high proportion of women. Because only then you will find your male users who are indeed paying for the membership that they really want. Therefore, we still keep the free registration for a great idea. Because then the user immediately sees that the female quota is really high and becomes much easier to pay the customer. You see, the construction of our portals is well thought out. In addition to what you see as our partner or even read or hear from us, there is also a lot going on in the background and that is where the course for success is often set!