Also Firefox soon without Flash

The Flash plugin has long been a standard that was indispensable. These times have changed and the developers of the big browsers have been working on removing the plugin for a while now. There are several reasons for this decision. On the one hand, it increases the security for the users and on the other hand it also benefits the load time and thus the user experience.

Now Firefox wants to go the step and disable the Flash plugin in the browser for the users by default. This is probably implemented with the Firefox version no. 69. If a user then wants to use Flash content, he must make the activation targeted, so nothing happens automatically. The user is no longer informed about Flash content and accordingly not prompted to activate the plugin. Of course, this feature will be tested by the developers until the implementation, but problems are not really expected, since the use of the Flash plug-in anyway is vanishingly small.

With the deactivation, Firefox goes only the first step in the elimination of the Flash Plugins. As it became known, the Flash Player will be completely removed from the browser in early 2020. Adobe itself has also announced the end of the support for Flash in late 2020 – it will then be synonymous with Firefox, the plugin in the browser with long-term support (ESR) can be set. Firefox will then simply refuse to load the plugin and thus take the final step.